HD-1650F Automatic pre-stretch film wrapping packing machine

HD-1650F Automatic pre-stretch film wrapping packing machine
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HD-1650F Automatic pre-stretch film wrapping packing machine

HD-1650F is suitable for containers and packing accessory tray, is widely used in glass products, hardware tool, electric product, paper, ceramic, chemical, food, beverage, building material and so on. It can improve logistic efficiency, reduce goods loss during transporting, has waterproof, dustproof, to reduce product cost, and improve packaging grade.
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1.Main function:
(1)Membrane frame system: pre-stretched film frame, Pre-Stretching is can be 250%. Film is automatical.

(2)Lifting column:double chain structure, adjustable speed.

(3)Control system: PLC control, push button type operation panel, that’s simple and clear.

(4)Operation function:automatic operation, automatic machine setting function. Automatic sensing cargo height and photoelectric shielding function. The machine also has handing strengthen the winding function, we can set top / bottom winding ring numbers, up and down times, enhance the numbers of laps and the top time.


Product parameters:



 Wrapping specification


 Packing height

 Type L:1800mm; Type H:2400mm;Type Y:2800mm

 Packaging efficiency

 20-40 Plt/h

 Turntable speed

 0-15rpm0-15rpm(adjustable frequency)

 Turntable size

 D:1650mm H:78mm

 Turntable bearing(max)


 Machine weight


 Shape size


 Motor power

 Turntable 0.75kw, Mold 0.4kw, Column 0.37kw


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