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How to maintain and maintain the baler from time to time

The four points that the baler needs to be maintained: 1. Adjust the bundling tightness of the mechanical baling material of Bohong baling belt. Open the table top, loosen the hexagon socket set screw on the top of Daluomu A by hand, and turn it clockwise to tighten, and vice versa. for pine. After the binding force is moderate, tighten the hexagon socket set screw. 2. Adjustment of belt width and joint opening. When the belt width is uneven or the belt of another width is replaced, the left and right belt insertion slots must be adjusted. If the slot is too narrow, the belt insertion will be difficult; if it is too wide, the belt will be joined after baling There will be misalignment. Generally, the width of the slot should be about 0.5-1 mm wider than the width of the belt. 3. Adjust the temperature of the ironing head of the baler

When using the baler, you need to pay attention to those problems

Steel rolling mills, recycling and processing industries, non-ferrous and ferrous metal smelting industries, and renewable utilization industries Y81 series hydraulic metal balers can pack various metal scraps. Extrusion of qualified charge of various shapes such as cuboid, octagon, cylinder, etc. can not only reduce the cost of transportation and smelting, but also increase the speed of charging. There are shadows of balers in these areas. So what should I pay attention to when using the machine? 1. Please confirm the power supply used by the machine, and do not insert the wrong power supply. This machine adopts a three-phase four-wire system. The flower wire is the grounding neutral wire for leakage protection. 2. Do not touch the heating plate directly with your hands. 3. Do not stick oil on the surface of the belt roller.

How to choose a good quality packing tape

The packaging belt industry has experienced many years of development. The quality of packaging belts in the market is uneven, and the price ranges from tens of yuan to several hundred yuan. In the procurement process, companies often only pay attention to the price per ton, while ignoring the actual length of each ton of packing tape. This deformity concept has also affected some packing belt manufacturers. There are some cheap and heavy belts such as sandwich packing belts, ton bag packing belts, recycled material packing belts, etc. in the market. The baler, but the sandwich packing belt, the ton bag packing belt, and the recycled material packing belt have very low breaking strength and poor bonding strength, which will affect the packaging quality of the product. So, how do we differentiate when purchasing packing tape?

Why are the prices of PP packing belts different?

In fact, there are three obvious reasons: the first point is that the quality of the packing belt is not good. The second point is that the merchant may estimate that the weight will be reduced, the weight of the box will be increased, and so on. The third point is that you may not find it, that is, the production process is unscientific, so the relative production cost is also small, and the price will be relatively cheaper. When buying PP packing belts, you can't just consider the price. As the saying goes, "you get what you pay for". Let me help you understand the things you should pay attention to when buying PP packing belts: 1. Scale weight : Whether the weight per meter matches the indicator declared by the manufacturer.

How to identify the quality of the strapping machine

There are many manufacturers who use packing tapes when packing, so when choosing a packing machine tape, how to identify its quality? Today, let the professionals of Bohong packing belt tell you how to identify its quality. 1. The baler belt should have good toughness. Fold the PP baler belt repeatedly, and those with poor toughness are easy to break. For the pattern problem, the pattern must be beautiful, and there should be no pressure deviation. 2. The quality of PP balers is generally white (other colors should be bright), because these are not easy to mix old materials. 3. The baler belt must have gloss, such baler belts are generally produced with all materials

Five ways to properly store straps

Improper storage of packing belts in life may affect its performance. Below, Shandong Bohong packing belts will introduce to you how to properly store PET plastic-steel packing belts. 1. Regularly check the strapping and ventilate it. 2. Packing belts of different types, strengths and layers of cloth should not be stored in the same place. It is better to store them in the warehouse separately to prevent the sun and rain. 3. The room temperature is between -15°C and 40°C, 4. It is not folded, and it should be turned once a quarter when the storage time is too long. 5. Avoid contact with acid-base oil and keep the storage environment clean and dry. The use of packing tape is becoming more and more extensive, and the number of
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