Environmental Protection Tape
Color tape
Base material is BOPP, then coated with coloured pressure-sensitive to dry as adhesive tape.
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Masking tape
The main raw materials are masking paper and pressure-sensitive adhesive, the masking paper coated with pressure-sensitive adhesive, the other side coated to prevent sticking material, then form roll tape.
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Kraft paper tape
Kraft paper tape is based on kraft paper, coated with glue on one side, to make it become a stronger sticky tape.
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Double-sided tape
Double-sided tape is based on cotton, apply acrylic adhesive on both sides.
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BOPP Transparent Carton Sealing Tape
Base material is BOPP, then coated with coloured pressure-sensitive to dry as adhesive tape. It has the features of high tensile strength, light weight, non-toxic and tasteless, environmental protection, suitable for general product packaging, various boxes sealing and bonding.
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Fiber tape
Made of high strength glass fiber yarn or cloth which as reinforced back wood composite polyester film, that can meet the needs of different industries. Fiber tapes are widely used in furniture, wood, steel, shipbuilding, machinery, electrical etc.
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Printed tape
Printed logo on the ordinary sealing tape, the colors can be made more than 10. Printing clear, good viscosity, good toughness.
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Warning tape
Warning tape is also called labeling tape, adhesive tape, floor tape, and landmarks. It is made of PVC film as base material and rubber pressure sensitive adhesive
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PE foam tape
Car general paste, nameplate paste, wiper paste etc. Hold viscosity for a long time, stripping large, strong initial viscosity, good humidity resistance.
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