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What are the advantages of the PP packaging tape network?

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Although packaging manufacturer with a lot of, the market is used widely in packaging tapes net-like structure, PP plastic packaging products of how to produce the mesh structure, the network structure and what are the advantages?


PP packaging materials are made of polypropylene by heating, melting, stretching and cooling the network structure. Based on polypropylene as the main raw material, add a variety of additives, made belt, woven nets, net blastholes hexagonal, pull evenly dispersed in six directions, this structure is conducive to the vertical load dispersion.


Because of the reticular structure of PP packaging belt stronger bearing capacity, and the appearance looks beautiful, some take look at mesh structure is different from the appearance, the smaller the density, the better the quality, of course also can increase strength, increase in the use of friction, don't skid.


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