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Why do some packing machines can't be packed?

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Now we in the use of packaging machine for packaging, often find some plastic products is generally not easy package, what makes the product cannot be with packaging, together we look at some of the related introduction.


Some plastic packing tape in the package, due to its high strength, strong tensile performance, plastic with no sharp edges of the strip, will not cause damage to packing objects, when the package in the package and will not cause harm to the operators, can avoid many unsafe factors.

1. When not in the belt, we need to check whether the CAM plate is loose. If the loose can cause bad signal, we can tighten the CAM plate properly.

2. When the PP is not packed, we also need to check whether the ls-2 work is normal, and adjust the contact time if abnormal.

3. If we need to check the storage capacity of the PP package, we need to adjust the amount of the PP belt in a timely manner.

4. Finally, we should check whether the belt damage of the motor M2 or the fixed screw of the pulley is loose. If loose, the belt or pulley should be replaced in time.


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