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Hongda has developed into a investigation, production, sale and the after service of packing materials and packing machinery. Manufacturing high strength PET plastic steel belt, machine wrapping film, hand wrapping film, a variety of senior PP packing belt, tape, packaging machinery.




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What's the use of junk packing?

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Packing tape is used for strapping cardboard boxes, a tape is common in life, it is easy to find, after generally removed from the package often waste discarded, even if the purchase price is also very cheap.


The width of the packing belt is generally around 1.5cm, because its elasticity is good, the intensity is high, can make the bracket of ball class with simple processing, turn waste to treasure.

1. Material preparation: pack a certain number of tapes, a roll of adhesive tape, a pair of scissors and a ruler. 

2. The production process: will you pack with scissors into a small segment of 30 cm in length, and then bring the head-tail packaging form circular, reoccupy adhesive tape connect fore and aft part of the coil to be fixed for many times, such a simple ball bracket is completed.



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