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Hongda has developed into a investigation, production, sale and the after service of packing materials and packing machinery. Manufacturing high strength PET plastic steel belt, machine wrapping film, hand wrapping film, a variety of senior PP packing belt, tape, packaging machinery.




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What are the reasons for the error when purchasing a strap?

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When we buy the straps at the strapping factory, we will find that the package purchased has the corresponding quality problem, because we bought the wrong reason. So what are the reasons?
Let’s take a look at it for you.
1, only listen to the price of a single roll of packaging, do not judge the quality and weight.
2, only concerned about the weight of a single roll, there is no calculation of the length of the whole roll.
3, the quality is not enough, ignoring the packaging tape packaging is also part of the product image.
4. Ignore the after-sales service ability of the strapping supplier to help reduce the cost of the strapping.


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